Thursday, September 20, 2007

Peridot - August Birthstone.

Peridot (pronounced pair-a-doe) is the gemstone variety of the mineral olivine. The most beautiful peridots come from the border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Fine peridot has also been found in Burma for hundreds of years. Although peridot is also mined in the U.S.A., China, East Africa, and North
Korea, the sizes are rarely very large and stones over 5cts. are quite rare. Peridot is one of the few gemstones which are available in only one color.

Peridot is cut in accordance with its crystal shape and mostly faceted as round, antique, oval or cushion step cuts depending on the shape of the original rough. Smaller crystals are cut into calibrated sizes.

With a hardness of 6.5 to 7, peridot is reasonably hard and is used in all kinds of jewelry. Large clean stones are always sought by collectors. The name peridot is derived from the Greek word 'peridona', which means something like 'to give richness'.

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